An online professional profile for a construction company based in Greece.

A fashion e-commerce based in London.  

An educational learning platform for kids and adults who wish to learn Greek. Built for online courses or to book an online private lesson. Made with WordPress.

A self-help website operated by Kiriaki Tzoganaki that offers seminars and healing sessions.
The website was built with Wordpress.

A beauty salon located in Thessaloniki (Greece).
The original website was built with HTML5, CSS, JScript, PHP, MySQL in 2015. After 2 years it was upgraded in WordPress and today you see the 3rd upgrade in these 6 years of collaboration with the salon.

A traditional local restaurant with delicious food in the heart of Thessaloniki. The original website was built with HTML5 and CSS and after 2 years it was updated to its current form with WordPress.

Α portfolio website that can be used by artists or individuals to promote their work. 

Cyanstone Technology is a revolutionary company working with the latest technologies to develop new and exciting software.
The website was built with Bootstrap 4 and it also has a custom CMS panel for the blogs that are managed by the company’s content writer.